October 26, 2022
📷 Image Credit: Luis Goya - Georgia high school football players (L-R) Cesar Parker, Treyvon Adams, Antwion Carey, Messiah Daniels, Tyson Brown, Alto Moore 👆 TL;DR: GenZ high school football players rush to help and save an elderly woman trapped in her car from an accident. Have you heard this feel-good story about GenZ football players saving lives? Six high school football players, Cesar Parker, Treyvon Adams, Antwion Carey, Messiah Daniels, Tyson Brown, and Alto Moore, worked together to save an elderly woman in an accident trapped in her car. The Football players from Rome, Georgia, got out of their vehicles from different vantage points at the intersection and rushed to help upon arriving at the scene. Luis Goya, a teacher at the boy's high school, described the scene in a social media post: "This morning, I witnessed something amazing that our Rome High Football players did," he wrote, sharing photos of the aftermath. "While I was in front of the school during my morning duty, I heard a loud noise at the intersection that appeared to be a wreck. While I was running to the intersection, I noticed that two cars were involved. There was a 50-year-old lady trapped in her car and couldn't get out. Smoke started to come out of the car, and fluid started to spill everywhere in the intersection. The door was jammed and in terrible shape." These high school football players worked together to get the lady out of her car, prying open the driver-side door. What great role models! In our post-covid world, our community engagement and community service have begun to return to normal...whatever that means? After years of isolation, going back to face-to-face contact and reading about GenZ doing good for others gives us hope. We are beginning to see a trend of selflessness among Gen-Z. They are more community-oriented and willing to advocate for causes that don't necessarily impact themselves. It is refreshing to know that we are creating a culture that requires us to care about issues in the world and issues that directly affects people in our surrounding communities. Sources:Today Written by: Bridgette Meshkani, Intern Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor


August 4, 2021
📷 Image Credit: Social Media Today 👆By: Andrew Hutchinson TL;DR Snapchat just launched courses in digital marketing expertise. We recommend you take them! The Snap Focus education platform now has a new feature. Social media marketers can now highlight their Snap ads knowledge through their new official certification method. For those who don't know, Snap Focus is a series of courses and certifications that help you to plan, buy, and run efficient Snapchat campaigns. One can learn the basics of marketing through hands-on experience and specialization courses for your area of expertise. This new education platform advertises its five key elements; drive full-funnel results, win bids in the auction, reach your audiences, activate cross-channel measurement, and launch a split-test campaign. These are each individual courses that only take roughly 30 minutes to complete to keep things pretty simple. If you meet all of them and pass the final exam at the end, you are eligible to receive your own Snapchat certification badge! This looks great on your profile, as it shows your industry knowledge and a deeper understanding of the tools needed to launch successful campaigns. Snap Focus is a free service and can only benefit you as an individual or your business in digital marketing. It's a great new feature, and did we mention it's free...yes we did! Would you take the Snap Focus courses? Could you tell us your thoughts in the comments below? Sources:Social Media Today Written by: Naia Mader, Intern Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor


August 4, 2021
📷 Image Credit: Social Media Today 👆By: Andrew Hutchinson TL;DR Looking to grow your small business? Check out TikTok's 'Small Biz Block Party! Do you run or know someone who owns a small business? TikTok's 'Small Biz Block Party' could be the perfect opportunity to promote your business and expand your ideas to larger audiences. The app runs a nationwide, 20-event virtual workshop series that aids small business owners through advice from experts. The goal is to give American business owners a chance to broaden their horizons and receive the same opportunities given to prominent and wealthy entrepreneurs. The virtual events series will take place from August 5th to November 18th this year. The setup is simple; small business owners and their teams are invited to attend the hour-long listening session with experts. TikTok will even feature a segment called 'hometown heroes' in which famous entrepreneurs from their region of the country will share their keys to success. Check out TikToks website to get ahold of all the dates and times for the over-month-long events. We think this could be a huge advantage for small businesses. TikTok's popularity is skyrocketing by the minute. If you learn how to market your business on that app, you can master almost anything with social media-related videos. Let us know your thoughts about the Small Biz Block Party in the comments below! Sources:Social Media Today Written by: Naia Mader, Intern Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor


August 4, 2021
📷 Image Credit: Social Media Today 👆By: Andrew Hutchinson TL;DR Are you ready for a new way to communicate? Look no further; introducing 'Soundmojis!' Big news! Messenger has announced the brand new launch of their new 'Soundmojis.' This exciting feature allows users to play a short audio clip instead of simply just words or emojis. This is an alternative way to express a message when words cannot do the job. By launching this, Facebook has created another interactive element for users to engage. Messenger users can send anything creative, from crickets, drumrolls, clapping, and audio clips from their favorite song, TV show, or movie! This creates an entirely new way to engage with your audience and give it a personal touch. According to statistics, people send over 2.4 million emojis daily on Messenger, so why not give it some extra pizzazz? Additionally, studies show that 88% of TikTok users said sound is essential to the app's experience. This new feature could indeed heighten the Messenger experience. What 'Soundmojis' are you looking forward to sending? Check your 'Soundmoji' options once you've updated the Messenger app by tapping on the smiley face and selecting the loudspeaker icon. Sources:Social Media Today Written by: Naia Mader, Intern Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor


August 4, 2021
📷 Image Credit: The Verge 👆By: Joey Roulette TL;DR Gen Z 18-year-old Oliver Daemen is now the youngest person to go to space. Remember the $28 million Blue Origin auction winner we told you about that was supposed to go to space with Jeff Bezos? Well, it turns out the lucky victor turned down the opportunity because of a scheduling conflict. Who can't make time to go to space? As most of the world knows, the new passenger on the suborbital trip departed and landed just recently on July 20th. The mission was successful, and the four crew on board said they enjoyed every minute of it. The Gen Z, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, who replaced the auction winner, got to travel alongside Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, and Wally Funk. The Dutch teenager is the son of a prominent private equity executive and the youngest person to ever fly to space. Daemen is the first paying customer of Blue Origin. However, the company has not disclosed the family's price to get on board. It was the 16th successful flight for the New Shepard flight, although it was the first launch with actual passengers on board. Blue Origin plans to launch at least three more flights with science payloads and passengers by the end of 2021. What are your thoughts on the space race? We think it's pretty crazy that the anonymous auction winner chose to skip because it failed to fit their schedule. Do you think they got cold feet? Let us know about your thoughts on new Gen Z passenger Oliver Daemen and the successful New Shepard flight that recently took place. Sources:The Verge Written by: Naia Mader, Intern Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor
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