📷 Image Credit: 9 to 5 Google 👆
By: Damien Wilde

TL;DR YouTube Music is set to take over Google Play Music, and it seems like there are much potential, with the 500 million downloads no small victory!

Replacing a well-loved music platform is a challenging task. Yet, YouTube music is successful in replacing Google Play Music. YouTube Music is proving itself daily, recently hitting the 500 million downloads mark on the Google Play Store. YouTube Music has been slowly transitioning to replace Google Play Music with the app that will soon be taken off of all android devices and potentially all devices in general. YouTube Music also comes pre-bundled on all devices, which has helped the rise of Youtube Music downloads (unless you have an older phone).

Each week, users see more and more of the popular Play Music features on the YouTube Music app. YouTube Music will soon surpass the success of Google play and go above and beyond what they initially thought would be achieved. It’s always interesting when companies replace one app with another.

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor