📷 Image Credit: LA Times 👆
By: Jack Harris

TL;DR Online basketball camp is just one of the many changes we might see in the sports industry even after COVID-19.

Kenny Smith got the idea while watching his son play basketball on Instagram live. Smith realized that just because we are amid a pandemic doesn’t mean that the development of basketball skills should stop. Smith usually does a summer camp and had to cancel it this year, but decided that there was a way to continue it virtually, inspired by his son on Instagram live. From there, the “Jet Academy” was born.

Smith’s summer camp is just one way sports have adapted to the new virtual norm. There have been so many things to emerge from the pandemic for sports fans now virtually cheering at games. Many new virtual offers coming out of the pandemic will continue for a while. Many people in the sports industry agree and have been saying they will continue to keep doing many things that have worked for them virtually. Another sign that this pandemic has forever changed us.

Sources:LA Times

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor