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By: Larissa Faw

TL; DR Is it that moms are the following most prominent social media demographic?

Moms are taking over. During the pandemic, every group and demographic has increased their social media use, but Middle-aged women with school-aged kids have gone up the most. 85% of these moms claim their social media use has doubled since March. 52% of them admitted that their usage went up by 4-8 hours every week outside of what their jobs required.

One of the most significant factors affecting this has been the added responsibility of their children’s education. Many of these moms share that the recent influx in their screentime has been due to their online search for educational material and tips and tricks for homeschooling their kids. Brands love it! As moms spend more time on social media, they have more time to form a relationship with this demographic.

Instagram and even TikTok seem to be getting their most significant increase from moms. Many moms said that they created their TikTok for the first time when quarantine started, and even more have been spending more and more time on Instagram, staying connected with their friends, and shopping more on Instagram. The time moms spend on Instagram is predicted to keep going up with the holiday season rapidly approaching. So remember your mom when considering your marketing demographic. She may be more of your target audience than you thought.

Sources:Media Post

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor