📷 Image Credit: Forbes 👆
By: Mike Vorhaus

TL;DR We all know that social media is how younger generations choose to catch up on the news, and while the trust might be shaky, it’s a whole different ballpark than the “Sunday” paper.

With many major events going on, from the pandemic to protests to an impending recession, it has been reported that many people are turning to social media for their inside scoop. The days of peopling receiving most of their news from TV or newspaper are long gone. In 2005, case studies showed that the younger generation was less reliant on traditional news sources, and this trend has only grown.

The younger generations have reported being twice as likely to turn to social media for news and information as well as 2/3rds report that they turn to Instagram to gather news sources. Social media apps like Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube have all been rated high in terms of being used as news sources. This is interesting, as studies have shown that 14% of people view social media as a reliable source of news compared to 22% who trust search engines. While the younger generation may not appear to have complete faith in the legitimacy of their social media news, they still continuously turn to it. The younger generation is truly leading this change in news sourcing.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor