Strategy and Solution

#EVERYBODYSKATES began as a labor of love. Rawls started photoshopping some images of pop culture icons together with skateboarding action shots, so it looked like the icons themselves were pulling off tricks. He began posting them on Instagram, where they quickly grew in popularity. The brand soon had a devoted following, and demands for t-shirts and other tangible forms of the artwork.

Rawls, true to his unique creativity, started to incorporate his interest in other mediums into the project, and recreated some of his iconic images in embroidery on hats and T-shirts. Rawls went even bigger, when tasked with designing the #EVERYBODYSKATES booth at the Agenda trade show, and created some large and elaborate versions of the images with yarn, to vividly decorate the booth.

The booth got so much attention that a new buzz began around these pieces, leading to a series of art shows and the interest of some serious streetwear industry celebrities and collectors, like Diamond founder, Nick Tershay (aka Nick Diamond).

Rawls has built a demand by doing what he loves, and doing it in his own way. His art shows and social media posts have continued to feed the demand. With fans like Joe Rogan and Dave Chapelle, his Influencer strategy is organic and hugely successful. Rawls has quietly created a one-of-a-kind fascination with his homegrown yet celebrity-driven vision for cultural collaboration and expression.


While #EVERYBODYSKATES is an iconic underground brand, it is also one of the select few brands that Supreme in Los Angeles sold other than Supreme, which speaks to it’s status as ultimately cool and coveted. Moreover, celebrity influencers like Nick Diamond, and Dave Chapelle are routinely seen wearing their limited #EVERYBODYSKATES shirts, which has huge value in youth and streetwear culture.


Alf’s creativity — on and off the skateboard — is off the charts. His latest artistic endeavor, large-scale “hand-stitched embroidery” pieces, explore his #everybodyskates ethos. These pieces have been garnering accolades from skate fans and modern art collectors alike. Alf’s recent pop up shop / art show at UNIV in Encinitas was a huge success — in fact, word has it pieces from the show ended up on the walls of art collectors, and high-end Hollywood homes and boutiques.

Chris Cote
Yew Media
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