Strategy and Solution

The solution we delivered was an episodic YouTube video series, comprised of 6 distinct video chapters, released on a specific drop schedule. Each chapter delved into an aspect of Bob’s life, in a way that had universal appeal and inspiration.

We wanted to create a rich and complex story, which meant being present in Bob’s personal life, so it was important that our story matched what was going on in his life, so we could get the most access with the least disturbance to his obligations. Luckily for the project, Bob was on the X games circuit at the time, traveling the globe for contests, spending time with family in Brazil, as well as going for the record of the most medaled athlete in the history of the X-games.

This was a perfect recipe for capturing real and authentic moments, as well as the excitement of extreme sports. We needed to balance what’s cool with what sells, as Oakley wanted to reach as wide an audience as possible with this particular, eco-friendly line, so while we needed to appeal to the core of the skateboarding community, we also needed to appeal to non-skateboarders, and to fans of sports and the X-games.

Each of the 6 videos featured a different aspect of Bob’s life, exploring his roles as an action sports athlete, a fan and supporter of anyone trying to break barriers, a devoted father, an innovator, a skateboarder, and a legend. We created a diverse and compelling landscape for a man, a proactive lifestyle, and the sunglasses to match.


The Oakley Dreamland video series generated over 16 million downloads. The top viewed videos featured impressive engagement stats. Episode 6, the finale, had 4,355,672 Views, 39k Likes, and 3,771 Comments. Episode Wheelz, which featured wheelchair athlete Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, and got 9,004,841 Views, 38k Likes, and 3,186 Comments.


Bob Burnquist has been a longtime member of the Oakley family and it’s been a great privilege for Oakley to share this journey with him. Supporting his dream of building the MegaRamp eight years ago and watching him take not only his riding but the sport of skateboarding to the next level has been incredible. Today, Bob is revealing the next evolution of that progression and we’re honored to participate in making his dream land a reality.

Patrick McIlvain
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