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Strategy and Solution

To create this resource, we developed a multi-faceted, behavioral change program titled: wreckED. The concept and theme was based on a single premise: consider checking yourself and your friends, or risk getting wrecked; the choice is yours. The wreckED name was co-created by tweens and teens and was designed to resonate with young

people, as well as align with the educational (ED) aspect of the initiative. The three-part program included a video presentation produced in partnership with A&E’s Intervention TV show, an interactive card game, and a do-it-yourself volunteer facilitator package. 



The immersive education program resonated with teens of all learning styles to help young people better identify and understand the behaviors, risk factors, and consequences of drug use. It was turn-key for facilitators nationwide to implement, and continues to be the #1 risk reduction tool for volunteers nationwide.

Creating a program that engages teenagers is not an easy feat, but exactly what happened when Witt and his team developed the youth-targeted substance abuse risk reduction  program with us at The Partnership for a Drug-Free Kids.  By understanding what motivates this cynical audience, they created an immersive program that gets teens across the nation to open up and talk about the risks of drug use. 

Mike Townsend
Director at Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
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