📷 Image Credit: Engadget 👆
By: Mariella Moon

TL;DR Parents are going crazy trying to keep their kids entertained at home every day. Enter YouTube to the rescue…with FREE content.

Without in-person summer camps and school, a lot of parents are juggling working from home and full-time parenting with no relief in sight. YouTube Kids announced that they want to help parents who are struggling with this with the release of 100 free full-length movies and specials to keep kids at home entertained and enriched with new materials. These free shows will be released during the month of August as part of their “After School” experience project.

The new movies and specials offered on YouTube Kids will include award-winning short films, educational specials, and never-seen-before movies and shows that will debut on YouTube. Check back every Monday in August for the updated releases of old and new alike. To access YouTube Kids “After School” channel, simply go to the “shows” category on the platform. This might just be the saving grace for parents who can’t stomach listening to the Frozen soundtrack one more time during zoom meetings. Way to go, YouTube Kids!


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor