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TL;DR: ChatGPT is changing the academic and professional world. School administrators have cracked down on the use of chatbots. However, job recruiters think using chatbots is just fine as long as job seekers edit to insert their own voice.

Talk about ChatGPT is trending everywhere! If you are a Gen Z high school or college student, will ChatGPT help you NEVER have to write an essay ever again? The ethics are being discussed regarding how to use chatbots acceptably. If you’ve been living under a rock (kidding) and don’t know what ChatGPT is, it’s an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot that pulls information from various sources and gives human-like responses to all questions. The amazing thing is that this open AI chatbot is capable of answering medical school and MBA exam questions. We found that for GenZ, chatbots are considered normal, think gaming and discord and now with Open AI, ChatGPT it’s seen as a helpful outlet for students.

You might be wondering what the future is for ChatGPT, especially for students who might use it as an avenue for cheating? We see Chat GPT enabling and assisting with education and learning if used properly. Many schools have already cracked down on the usage of ChatGPT. For example, an economics professor in the United States showed students the tools they have to recognize ChatGPT through ChatZero. ChatZero is an even newer platform that recognizes work that has been created through ChatGPT.

On the other hand, many employers are allowing the use of ChatGPT as a tool for enhancing writing. It is viewed as an inspiration and a guide to writing, but it cannot ultimately take the place of authentic writing. This AI tool lacks originality and cannot express the voice of the writer.

We took an informal survey of college students to see what Gen Z thought about ChatGPT. We found that of those questioned, about 75% of students have used a chat bot like ChatGPT for an assignment. The survey also shows that students enjoy ChatGPT because it gives them a foundation to build on using their own human thinking.

We feel that using ChatGPT properly should not be seen as a threat since bot writing cannot replace the emotion and human understanding of individual personality, personal voice…yet. The worry and trending discussion are that ChatGPT takes information that was developed by the human brain with the fear that it will replace the need for human creativity and intelligence. What do you think the future of ChatGPT and those like it will be? Will it replace the need for people skilled in creative writing and creative design? And, thinking of the next generation coming up, it will be interesting to see how GenAlpha will utilize this as native users!

Written by: Bridgette Meshkani, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Marie, COO & Mentor