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By: Sarah Perez

TL;DR TikTok for Business launch will make it easier for brands to navigate marketing on TikTok with everything in one place, including access to “Topview.”

TikTok for Business was a much-awaited feature of the app that launched at the end of June. The New “TikTok For Business” will be the home for all marketing on TikTok. The features included on the “TikTok for Business” platform are access to the ad formats, brand takeovers, in-feed videos, hashtag challenges, and effects that are branded. One of the biggest things this allows is the ad format for the “Topview.” Topview is the first thing that appears on the user’s feed when they open the app; this has always been an ad, and understandably it’s a widely seen ad and a desirable spot for advertisers.

In addition to these features, the hashtag challenge, which allows brands to invite users to interact with a brand’s hashtag and make content for it, now has the ability to add a shopping feature to the experience with Hashtag Plus. TikTok also created an AR feature which is expected to be big competition for Snapchat and AR formats. The AR format is the only feature that was completely new for the app, as the other features were offered before. Now, with TikTok for Business, all the features are located in one area. This will also be where they continue to roll out new marketing options. A great feature of the new TikTok for a business option has e-learning, which explains how to use all of their digital marketing as well.

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor