📷 Image Credit: Social Media Today 👆
By: Andrew Hutchinson

TL;DR TikTok is making significant changes to stay competitive with its next big step in eCommerce.

With quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding the future of the app and the infamous US TikTok ban, the app is still going strong and expanding daily. The newest TikTok initiative with Shopify is another way for the many TikTokers to make money on the app. TikTok recognizes that the stars on the app need more ways to make money and be incentivized to stay apart from the ad deals they bring to the app, and their newest partnership is doing just that.

With the TikTok / Shopify announcement, millions of merchants can run campaigns for the TikTok community linking to Shopify. While purchases can’t be made directly from TikTok, this step expands e-commerce by removing barriers to purchase. Tools like “1-click pixels” make it easy for sellers to design engaging TikToks, and give up to $300 in free ad credit. TikTok’s success in its monetization plan makes gains not only for TikTok but for its influencers who use the app and now add in commerce; well, that equals a winning cocktail for growth. Yes, it’s getting even easier for you business owners to tap into the TikTok audience.

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor