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By: Nicole Griffith

TL;DR Few in today’s society gets to experience farm life, which makes @laurafarms YouTube channel fascinating! Laura Carlson shares her passion for farm life, and people are eating it up.

Laura Carlson is a teenager from Nebraska and now a famous farmer on YouTube. As a Genz 19-year-old and part of the social media generation, Carlson started her “Laura Farms” YouTube channel just three months ago, documenting her experience. It all started with her 2-minute video that shows the inside of a tractor cab. Carlson is gaining major attention with almost 50K subscribers and over 3 million views on her videos. How many of you have seen a tractor cab in person? We’re guessing not many, hence the trending success of her YouTube channel.

Carlson says she is very surprised that people are interested in her farming activities. She never expected people to be so interested in watching corn grow in Nebraska. Her community seems to be just as shocked and loves that people are interested in the quirks and insights of farming. With Laura Farms YouTube channel, we see her wit and charm talking about her passion in a fun way. She shows us farm life “stuff” we might never have learned before, making it entertaining for people who never plan on driving a tractor themselves.

Sources:1011 Now

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor