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By: Mary Retta

TL;DR “Normal” morning rituals are the same except…the commute to virtual class for those who don’t typically home school.

Online school is a reality for many people this year. While it’s a significant change to be taking classes at home for some, a few things are staying the same, such as taking the same courses, doing the same homework, and, surprisingly, having the same dress code. A student from Knoxville, Tennessee, confirmed her principal’s message making it very clear over their online orientation that the dress code would remain strongly enforced over zoom.

Most school virtual class dress code enforcement includes NO PJs or blankets worn during virtual class. The other rules are the same as if attending school on campus. Students must wear pants/shorts showing the waistband, no hats, and dresses and skirts must remain past finger length. The idea behind the dress code makes sense; the teachers want as little distraction as possible while teaching virtually.

We have no idea how they will enforce these rules when some adult coworkers aren’t even wearing pants on zoom; however, it is admirable that the rules are staying the same. We know dress codes have been rules for some students to rebel against. It will be interesting to see social media posts for those students who like to push the rule boundaries.

Sources:Teen Vogue

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

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