📷 Image Credit: Blast & Keith Lee – TikTo 👆

TL;DR: The power of Gen Z creating just one TikTok review helped a new and struggling restaurant owner’s business go from failing to skyrocket success, just days after the post went viral.

GenZ has changed the lives of many people through TikTok. This is especially true for one Las Vegas pizzeria restaurant business. Frankensons struggled to get customers through their door until Keith Lee posted a TikTok review. Using his own money and no paid advertising, Keith Lee gave an authentic review of their pizza. After 31 million views on Tiktok, Frankensons Las Vegas Pizzeria became an overnight sensation. With just one meaningful and popular review, the restaurant cooked more food in those immediate few days alone than in the four months they had been open.

Viral videos are now one of the big triggers for word of mouth among GenZ, which is also influencing other generations. These TikTok trends have users supporting small business restaurants by taste-testing their foods, and posting about them, which is the most authentic and real you can get reaching the masses.

The compassion and care for the restaurant business and small business owners are now something that can be seen on a worldwide scale. Posting engaging videos on social media helps grow the interest to dine in our takeout. In an effort to revive restaurants, small businesses, and start-ups, especially small businesses of marginalized groups, GenZ has used TikTok to bring them to light. What does the future hold for small businesses on Tiktok? TikTok’s supportive community builds human connections that have lasting effects on startups and small businesses. This is an example of another great way GenZ is influencing social good.

Written by: Bridgette Meshkani, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Marie, COO & Mentor