📷 Image Credit: PGA.com

TL;DR PGA Golf Pro Coaches are getting on board with social media apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels, providing free coaching tips for your golf game.

PGA Coaches are using social media to make golf tips easier to get than ever. PGA professionals are using Instagram Reels and TikTok to give high-quality free coaching tips on how players can improve their game straight from their phones. While TikTok and Reels might not be quite the same level as having a PGA coach next to you, it’s still an excellent way to pick up some quick golf tips.

You can find videos with different tricks and techniques sharing a multitude of gold hacks. Check out @Nattiegolf on Instagram, who shows us the proper technique for a great golf pivot to @jakehuttgolf showing the difference between the feel of an iron and a driver club. While there’s nothing quite like in-person tailored coaching, TikTok and Instagram Reels provide a good platform for professional advice.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor