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By: Jeremy Peel

TL;DR Simple graphics prove advantageous with the Among Us video game, which has gamers hooked!

The video game, Among Us, has been taking over gaming. It needs to be clarified why such a simple game has gotten so much attention, especially in light of other games’ very complex coding and designs. Among Us is a big contrast to what we might have guessed the next hit game would look like. What makes Among us work, however, is that it is more similar to a board game in some ways than a traditional PC game.

In Among Us, the rules feel more social than other online gaming platforms. Many designers set their games in stone, but Among Us relies on a collaborative culture between the people playing. For instance, those in the know playing the game have an unspoken rule that players will be silent until they “have a meeting” concerning the suspicious member’s activity in the game or when there is a death. Explanation, Among Us game goals, provides an imposter surrounding the other players, and they must work to find the person and protect themselves simultaneously.

The idea and theme of the game itself aren’t that crazy or unheard of. There are many games where you have to find someone who is the culprit, but Among Us takes this concept, usually found in a board game, and turns it into a collaborative PC game. The community cooperation that is built is unique to the Among Us game. The rules are malleable, with the players deciding how they will work together with the simulation. The idea is similar to how families probably play Monopoly, teaming and working together to buy properties. In that same vein, Among Us provides a board game-like experience to its online community, and its simplistic graphics aren’t what made it famous! Go team!

Sources:PC Gammer

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor