📷 Image Credit: TechCrunch 👆
By: Sarah Perez

TL;DR Facebook & Instagram app Messenger gets a facelift and cross-communication between them with new visuals.

Facebook Messenger is getting a makeover. The app is getting a visual update, and a few new features, including support for chat themes, custom reactions, and soon selfie stickers, plus vanish mode. These are all part of Facebook’s bigger plan for an overhauled messaging platform that will allow Instagram users to communicate with Facebook users for the first time. Instagram users were given an opt-in feature with a new update.

Messenger users won’t have to take action to get this new feature. They will receive the update by automatically rolling out users as it becomes available in their region. In addition, they are changing the messenger logo to the one in the middle of the photo above, which has pink and purple colors to mimic the Instagram logo and not just remain facebook blue. The logo isn’t the only thing changing; there will be options to have a chat mirror the color scheme. There will be other fun add-ons, like selfie stickers, that users can create, customize and share. We are enjoying keeping up with the progress and the fun features.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor