📷 Image Credit: Seventeen 👆
By: Carolyn Twersky

TL;DR James Charles shocked fans with his makeover of JoJo Siwa, giving her an authentic off-brand look that everyone fell in love with.

Jojo Siwa might have one of the most recognizable aesthetics in the industry. The former Dance Mom star is known for her bright and colorful wardrobe and is rarely caught dead without a high pony completed with a giant (often sparkly) bow. Jojo Siwa has created an empire on her aesthetic, having so many products themed after her that you can have an entire JoJo Siwa-themed birthday party complete with her own ice cream flavor (don’t worry, it’s also rainbow). However, JoJo Siwa’s most recent collab with James Charles almost broke the internet as the child star appeared without her distinctive look and bright pink aesthetic.

Jojo has started to come out of her shell, and after more than a year of talking to James, she finally let him turn her into an “Instagram Baddie.” The results are incredible, with JoJo looking like she never has before. Even Jojo had to admit that while the look was outside her comfort zone, it would look pretty on “any other human.”

All the fans seemed to love the look, too, and were very intrigued and surprised to see JoJo looking so different from her typical neon colors, rainbows, and sparkles. Twitter fans were gushing about how beautiful JoJo looked and how everyone’s careers were over now that JoJo’s other side had come out to display. While Jojo still seems hesitant to embrace her new look, her fans can “t wait to see more. This might be the start of her transition away from her childhood persona to young adult…and it’s brilliant!


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor