📷 Image Credit: CNN 👆
By: Toyin Owoseje

TL;DR Dynamite, BTS’s newest song, blew up… literally! And broke the most viewed music video in 24 hours record on YouTube.

BTS’s new single ‘Dynamite’ quite literally exploded and became history’s best-ever-24-hour debt of music video on YouTube. BTS is the world’s biggest Korean Pop band and has been dominating the K-Pop category for a while. The band released the visuals for the highly anticipated album, and the views were insane, hitting 101.1 million views in their first 24 hours.

The new song knocked fellow K-Pop band BlackPink off the number one spot, who had previously held the record with 86.3 million views from this past June. BTS’s new song is different in a few ways that might explain its record-breaking status. This is the first song the band has sung entirely in English. The four-minute YouTube video is filled with bright colors and retro looks from all 7 of the band members in an aesthetic we see today… and was clearly popular with their fans.

I just wanted to let you know that more will come if you have yet to see the video or hear the song. This was the band’s first release of an album later this year. On top of that, the band will be singing their hit song as a premiere performance at the 2020 MTV music video awards on August 30th. Pretty impressive work, to say the least; we and all of their fans are now waiting to see what will happen once the whole album is released!


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor