📷 Image Credit: Digital Information World 👆
By: Arooj Ahmed

TL;DR Instagram has been doing some experiments with their newest feature, Reels, by adding it to the homepage

Instagram is trying to boost exposure to its newest feature, Reels, on the app. By doing this, Instagram is hoping to gain more engagement. The suggested Reels are meant to be relevant to the users, but it is still being determined how exactly it’s working.

Right now, Instagram is facing some challenges with the new feature. Most users have reported that they don’t think Reels is as good as Instagram. Another issue the app is facing, most of the content on Reels is reposted from TikTok, which makes Reels an indirect advertisement for TikTok, its direct competitor.

Instagram is trying to fix this by doing a monthly Reels trend report and then promoting the top-ranking Reels to gain a broader audience with their best content. The monthly trend report is something that TikTok already does. As of now, Reels on the homepage seem to be a big move for Instagram. It will be interesting to see how Instagram measures up to TikTok in the coming months.

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor