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By: Jamir David

People are still surprised when Netflix produces an original hit series. Netflix has only sometimes had success with all of its original shows, but lately, we have seen some impressive work with their team’s ability to successfully get binge-worthy shows out to millions of viewers. Netflix has also been able to save dying TV shows and revive them on their platform. The question is, who hasn’t taken advantage of new and old favorites on Netflix? Not many, we’re guessing. With Netflix’s impressive number of subscribers, they have really pushed itself to be taken seriously with its film and TV production.

Two examples are Bridgerton and Cobra Kai, two of the latest Netflix originals that don’t disappoint. They are both textbook definitions of successful binge-worthy Netflix shows. Both of the shows were explicitly adapted for Netflix. Bridgerton is based on a book series, and Cobra Kai was created on Youtube. These shows have top spots on Netflix’s trending stats, with millions of viewers each. While not every Netflix show is a hit, it doesn’t matter because even when a Netflix original does poorly, something new is coming out to pick up the slack. We thank god for Netflix even more this past year!

Sources:Huston press

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor