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TL;DR Turns out saving the plant might be the way to get a million followers in under 5 hours; who knew?

David Attenborough is a 94-year-old scientist known for his documentary series “Life in Earth” from 1979. The scientist only needed 4 hours 44 minutes to reach a million followers on Instagram, which is 31 minutes less than it took the previous record holder, Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

Attenborough is a significant climate change and environmental issue activist. His first post is a video explaining that he is taking on Instagram as a new form of communication to explain what to do about the ice caps melting and the other climate-related issues plaguing the earth. Since then, he has been posting small videos explaining what is happening in the world and giving tips on changing it. Bravo, Mr. Attenborough! If you want to see what all the frenzy is about, go check him out on Instagram @Davidattenborough.

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor