📷 Image Credit: Social Media Today 👆
By: Andrew Hutchinson

TL;DR YouTube guidelines clarify what’s needed to get that pretty blue badge next to your name.

Want to know how to get verified on YouTube? Well, they just made it a lot easier to find out how. Last September, YouTube announced it was changing its verification process, and now if you look at YouTube requirements, it’s not a mystery anymore to get that blue checkmark next to your channel name.

The first requirement, you must have at least 100k subscribers. Until you reach the 100k mark, you won’t have access to this form. The second requirement is “Chanel authenticity” YouTube describes this as needing to be an authentic user creating your content, which means you will need to be verified as the person making the content and the one posting it.

The third requirement equals profile completion. The user must be public, including a description, videos, and a channel icon, in order to have an official presence. YouTube also notes in these updated guidelines that they will take away verification if users are seen to be taking material or impersonating other users. These requirements seem pretty reasonable, and now creators striving for the blue badge know exactly what they need to work toward.

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor