Youth Media Consultancy

Youth Media Consultancy

Our Youth Media Consultancy is an expertly curated portfolio of hyper-targeted social and digital media, positioned to serve a very diverse range of youth and lifestyle audiences. We can help your brand grow in four ways.

Target youth culture where the real conversations are taking place, with less algorithm and more engagement.

Create relevant content featuring your brand, customized to each social platform.

Adapt existing brand assets for social media, to improve view-through and engagement.

Extend current brand assets to the right youth audiences, across youth media partners.

Youth Media Marketplace

People my age are comfortable having our own sense of style across the board, and most importantly, using our own voice. Because of this, the conversations in youth culture are shifting to the more interest-based social communities, vs. the mainstream social networks.

Jenk Oz, Founder
Britain's GenZ CEO established when he was 14

Microtargeted Lifestyle Audiences


Kids (5-8)


Tweens (9-13)


Teens (14-18)


Adults (19-24)

What This Means For Your Brand


Targeted Reach

We can help you reach the right youth audience segments through our expertly curated media marketplace.


Active Engagement

We use the strength of our media partners and platform creators, to get audiences tuned in to your content, and ready to act on it.


Drive Intent

Drive higher usage, visitation and purchase intent among young people, by building positive brand perception.


Kid-Safe Advertising

Solutions that exceed data-privacy requirements of the under-13 market, with safe, COPPA/GDPR-K compliant engagement as standard.

Want to engage young people without competing against YouTube and Instagram algorithms? Engage Youth Co. can help!

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