Who is Gen Z

By Reading this ebook you will learn:

  • A basic understanding this generations mindset.
  • How Gen Z is set to influence more than 600 billion dollars of household spending and will comprise 40 per cent of consumers this year (2020).
  • Reasons not to treat Gen Z as one monolithic target audience.
  • Key generational markers of this group of people.
  • Ways your brand can have ‘non-verbal’ conversations with Gen Z.
  • How mobile technology is the great leveller, where Gen Z is concerned, providing access to nearly every consumer in the world.
  • Stories from incredible Gen Z changemakers such as Jenk Oz, Malala Yousafzai, Jack Andraka, and more.
  • Why to consider building relationships with this growing global generation.

More about this free ebook

Every new generation has a desire to evolve from the one before and Gen Z is no exception. This unique, mobile-first demographic, raised on technology and unprecedented access to information, is impacting every facet of society. Anyone who wants to succeed in marketing, education, or connecting with Gen Z will need to be tuned in.

Throughout this ebook, we share key generational characteristics, insights, and learning attributes that your organization can consider to build credibility and tune in with the unique cultural preferences of Gen Z. While you’re learning about these young people, we also encourage you to look beyond merely viewing Gen Z as a set of statistics in a spreadsheet or target demographic that enhances your bottom line and get to know Generation Z, their culture and as people.

Along with the foundational demographic information you’ll find in this ebook, we introduce you to Jenk Oz, the youngest Gen Z CEO in Britain; you’ll learn how students in Ireland are using virtual reality (VR) in their classrooms; and we share why the Tony Award winning Broadway musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ resonated so deeply with US youth culture. If that sounds like a diverse collection of information, just wait until you meet even more of the individuals who are creating the culture of this dynamic and rising generation.

Who Is Gen Z?

A Sociological Perspective

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