TrendTracker is a premium youth trend forecasting subscription service by KidSay x Engage Youth Co. We deliver the nation’s most authoritative and trusted youth culture trend report, utilizing our proprietary, youth-verified research method.

#1 In Youth Trend Reporting


We engage with young people’s stories as they are taking place, with a focus on what, how and most importantly why. Our insights empower brands to anticipate youth market trends and cultural shifts, to effectively plan for today and prepare for the future.

Gen z trend report

Access Key Youth Trend Categories

Media Consumption

Media Consumption

Digital device

Digital Devices

Famous people

Famous People 
and Characters

Food and beverages

Food and Beverage

Youth aspiration

Youth Aspirations

Toys & Play

Toys and Play

Cool Charts

Cool Charts


Lifestyles and Interests

55+ Pages Of Presentation-Ready Data

TrendTracker reports are presentation-ready, with grab-and-go topline and takeaway analysis of major trends. They are loaded with data, demographics, infographics, and deeper insights from ethnographic shop-alongs, as well as interviews with parents, young lifestyle insiders, and subject matter experts.


7 full reports annually
1 Kids report (ages 5-7)
1 Parents report (of ages 5-7)
5 Tween (ages 8-11) and teen (ages 12-15) reports

Cool Chart affinity rankings for major brands, popular activities, characters, tech and more

55+ pages of fresh quantitative data with m/f, tween/teen?young adult totals and response breakouts

Plus, 5 -year historical trend charts and insightful crosstab analysis to provide greater depth of understanding on your target youth audience.

Trend Tracker

It’s extremely difficult to guess what young people want. TrendTracker reports deliver quantifiable rationale that informs and supports critical decisions that brands must make. Whether selecting which characters will make great movies, or better understanding the path to purchase for our products.

Multinational Toy Company
Director of Consumer Insights

Trusted Methodology

We provide youth trend forecasting, actionable insights, and opportunities for innovation, based on a 15-year trend tracking history of over 6,000 kids, tweens, teens and young adults. Fielded in-person six times per year, we work with 500+ schools and cultural hubs nationwide, gaining over 400,000 insightful youth perspectives. You hear from REAL youth across the US through our nationwide network of schools all year long.

Trusted Methodology

What This Means For Your Brand

validity & reliability

Validity and Reliability

More than 15-year history delivering the most representative, high-quality youth trend data available

On demand Access

On-Demand Access

TrendTracker presentation-ready data reports and put youth trends at your fingertips

identify new opportunities

Identify New Opportunities

See youth demographic segments from new perspectives, and discover need-to-know growth opportunities

competetive advantage

Competitive Advantage

Stay in tune with youth market trends, and well ahead of the competition

Want to reveal youth insights and fuel innovation for your brand?
Engage Youth Co. can help!

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