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TL;DR A Texan’s TikTok making fun of local roads went viral and is a great example of creative content formats capable of going viral!

We continue to see trends appear and die with the TikTok app as trends are easier to emerge and quickly die with the fast-paced entertainment design of the application. One video that blew up this week surprised most people, with user @definitely_not_travis explaining how the Road system in Texas works. His charming demeanor caught users off guard when his description of the road system in Texas wasn’t what most expected, and the TikTok blew up with likes and views.

The video is simply the user in his cowboy hat explaining how the Texas roads work, with a twist. TikTok user @definitely_not_travis explains the North I 35 as a construction zone sign rather than indicating the road it actually is meant to represent. He continues by explaining that the West Interstate 10 sign actually indicates a drag race to the desert and so on. The video is straight-up funny to Texans because insider information ringing a bell of truth is funny stuff. As for the rest of us not from Texas, we can appreciate the local’s perception of things because our own towns have quirky attributes too. Relatability at its best.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor