It’s reader competition time! Now is your chance to win a copy of a The Gen Z Frequency: How brands Tune In and Build Credibility.  It’s co authored by Gregg L Witt and Derek E Baird and is a comprehensive guide for any brand or organization trying to reach this demographic. It covers fundamental truths, content creation, engagement strategies and tactics such as social media, experiential, emerging technologies, and much more. It is woven with case studies and real-world stories, plus key insights from leading youth brands and Gen Z themselves. Gen Z Frequency cover

Author Greg L Witt  has been named a “Top 5 Youth Marketer to Follow” by Inc. and has worked with over 100 brands including Glaceau Vitamin Water, HBO, Nissan, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and Disney World.

Here’s what people on Amazon are saying:

“Finally, a book that not only understands the complexity and vivaciousness of my generation, but also gives practical insights into how brands connect, market and build community with us. It provides an insider’s view into our mindset and teaches brands how to build trust with a generation notorious for scepticism.” (Natalie Riso, Content Marketing Strategist, Studio71, and two-time LinkedIn Top Voice)

“Youth culture is always moving, changing and evolving. This book delivers well-researched, actionable strategies and tactics that focus on alignment and value creation with that culture. Many books talk about Gen Z, but this is a definitive playbook for modern marketers and business people to authentically engage an emerging generation.” (Stefan Heinrich, Head of Global Marketing, ByteDance)

“An essential read for business leaders due to the fact that Gen Z sets the benchmark for every other generation now in regard to trending consumer behaviour. Witt and Baird not only do a great job laying out every area that brands need to focus on when it comes to Gen Z: transparency, culture, media, marketing, community and influence, but the layout of the book itself makes it Gen Z by design with its TL;DR chapter summaries. Ignore at your own peril.” (Geoffrey Colon, Senior Marketing Communications Designer, Microsoft, and author of Disruptive Marketing).

How to enter

Just leave a comment or share a link to this story on or before November 30, 2018.  for your change to win.  I will draw one lucky winner’s name and will send the book directly.

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