Lisa Marie

Founder, COO & Mentor

As Director of Operations, Lisa Knight is responsible for operational initiatives at Engage Youth Co. Lisa oversees the internal and external teams across each of our core service disciplines (research, trend tracking, strategic, creative and media activation) as well as the coordination of our international teams. She’s a dedicated driver of the systems development that fosters operational growth and excellence, as well as profitability and client ROI. A tenured youth marketer, Lisa has managed creative campaigns for global brands including Nike and Adidas, as well as for clients in consumer products, political campaigns, higher education, and hospitality industries. Lisa is deeply passionate about her volunteer work with youth organizations, and the trust and relationships she has built with the school teams she coaches. For Knight, the heart of the company is Engage Youth’s Entrepreneurship Academy, where young, at-risk youth gain valuable skills in marketing and have a positive growth environment.

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