Iona Sitaula

Senior Creative Designer

As Senior Creative Designer at Engage Youth, Iona Sitaula excels at reading between the lines to discover and bring culturally relevant ideas to life. With a dual emphasis on branding and digital design, she excels at problem-solving through creativity. Her experience spans from the creative design of new products and social content to the production of creative for campaign activations on tight budgets and short deadlines. Her inspirations come from the things she loves: travel, forests, and anything new that nature or urban environments can add to her palette. A thoughtful listener, she is able to read a situation, and deliver on what’s called for, especially with companies looking to engage fellow Gen Z audiences. When not working, Iona loves getting out of the city and into the woods where she can capture the beauty of nature with her camera. She loves exploring new tastes of food and culture and has a special place for fashion in her heart.

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