Chad Oda

Head of Chatbot & Voice Strategy

Heading up Engage Youth Co.’s Chatbot & Voice Strategy is Chad Oda. Chad possesses a comprehensive understanding of conversational interfaces (e.g. Alexa, Chatbots, etc.) and how brands can pragmatically leverage this paradigm-shifting technology to engage customers with innovative, intuitive, and personalized experiences. Chad has extensive insight & expertise into the design, development, and implementation of these immersive interfaces. From conversational copywriting to natural language processing, and multi-modality, Chad has his pulse on the ever-evolving chatbot and automated voice ecosystem. He has collaborated with the top technology companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, LivePerson, and Google. Chad also speaks internationally at the leading conversational conferences, Chatbot Summit & Business of Bots. Check out Chad’s podcast, “The Bot Podcast” where he interviews the world’s leading chatbot & voice experts.

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