Brehnen Knight

Founder & CEO

EYC’s managing partner and chief of strategic partnerships, Brehnen Knight, brings with him 20 years of global experience in building businesses and cultivating alliances. While he oversees the agency’s practice and management, he is always looking to the future: assembling teams of leading experts in their fields; and evolving the infrastructure that ensures best-in-class problem-solving and ROI for our clients and partners around the globe. Brehnen’s expertise emerged in the mid-2000’s, working for two pioneering technology companies that helped change the game of social communication and expression forever. Part of the executive leadership of Brickfish (inventor of viral cost per engagement model that paved the way for UGC and influencer marketing) and VMIX (the video platform that powered NASA, Flip UltraHD video cameras and national news organizations for over a decade), Brehnen has led account teams on engagement marketing campaigns for clients such as Sephora, Coach, Diesel, Smashbox Cosmetics, Columbia Records, Saks Fifth Avenue, Scion, Warner Brothers Music, Honest Foods, North Face, Geffen, as well as enterprise video platform integrations for NASA, ESPN, Penguin Books, Toyota, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and Post Newsweek Television Stations. Brehnen strongly believes that success lies in an organic process of leveraging the natural synergy around a brand, rather than managing transactional opportunities and partners. He is passionate about positively impacting young people and the brands trying to reach them.

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