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TL;DR Worried your kids are going to stumble onto the wrong side of YouTube? Well, with this new feature, you can ensure that never happens.

YouTube’s new parent-controlled content settings are in response to concerns regarding minors accessing violence and other inappropriate content. This new feature on YouTube will ensure that Teens and Tweens, through their google accounts, will only have access to age-appropriate content and features. These new features will come with an explore option for gen alpha kids nine years old up to gen z kids under 13 years old that includes video games, tutorials, music videos, and educational content with more leniency for gen z kids aged 13 and up. Some YouTube videos will be appropriately restricted for all age groups and marked as only suitable for adults.

This is good news for parents! This is an excellent way for parents to make sure their kids aren’t watching inappropriate videos on Youtube plus, it alleviates having to approve individual videos that kids may want to watch that are questionable.

This might also mean a different strategy for YouTube content producers. YouTubers will need to pay attention to their content’s age-appropriate specification, as this new feature could limit their audiences. It will be interesting to see how this changes the community. Hopefully, this new tool will become as helpful for parents as YouTube thinks.

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Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

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