New Book – The Gen Z Frequency

A comprehensive guide for any brand or organization trying to reach youth culture

The Gen Z
How Brands Tune In & Build Credibility

By Gregg L. Witt and Derek E. Baird

Our book, The Gen Z Frequency offers a comprehensive guide for any brand or organization trying to reach young people, covering fundamental truths, content creation, engagement strategies and tactics such as social media, experiential, creator partnerships emerging technologies, and much more. It is woven with case studies from our work and real-world stories from the trenches, plus key insights from leading youth brands and Gen Z themselves. Whether you are new to marketing or a seasoned expert, The Gen Z Frequency is the ultimate resource for tuning in to youth culture!

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kogan Page

Book Praise

The leadership team at Engage Youth Co. possess quiet determination and an easy communication style that we love, and their creative vision and innovative marketing sense revolutionized our target market’s attitude. They helped us navigate the minefield of a highly sensitive market, and bridge a generation gap, uniting previously opposing groups. Thanks to their work with us, we were able to create a community where everyone came together, with mutual goals and respect for each other. The Engage Youth Co. team’s unique vision unique vision and creative mind transcends disciplines, allowing him and his teams to produce amazing, strategically creative results. I would love to work with them again!

Lisa Curtin
VP of Marketing, Landscape Structures

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