📷 Image Credit: Hospitality Net

TL;DR TikTok is the platform to master if your goal is reaching a big Gen Z audience. Meliá Hotels figured this out and decided whom better to market to GenZ than GenZ themselves.

Meliá Hotels International is targeting the next generation of travelers for its TikTok marketing strategy by hiring GenZ, with GenZ as its target market. The hotel company is working with the “UNTWO World Tourism Students League,” which will connect them with 59 Universities all over the world. The University marketing teams are charged with creating the strategy and launch for the hotel’s debut on TikTok. Meliá Hotels is hoping to gain authentic acceptance from future GenZ customers by building brand recognition with TikTok GenZ users.

The University winning team will be invited to one of the company hotels in Mallorca to develop the pilot project. About 70% of the users on TikTok belong to the GenZ age group, with the app having more than 800 million users, and Meliá Hotels International hopes to hire GenZ to engage with GenZ will be the winning combination.

Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor