A powerful social engagement strategy to boost interaction with youthful audiences at retail is to integrate elements of gamification into merchandising, content, social media and event-driven brand experiences.

Here’s what Tilly’s is doing right on their ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS promotion:

  • They’ve aligned with a vendor brand, JanSport and two pop culture influencers, @shonduras and Echosmith’s @sydneysierota, who are actually into both brands (and it shows).
  • Created a simple AR game for customers to interact in two distinct areas in-store (female and male sections)
  • Layered in a traditional (yet effective) sweeps contest with a 20% discount for participation
  • Driving engagement and retail traffic w/ a steady stream of relevant Instagram stories

Increasing app downloads and growing their customer database.

Best part? It doesn’t feel forced, it’s fun, it creates a sense of belonging and everyone wins!