📷 Image Credit: Pure Wow 👆
By: Sydney Meiste

TL;DR TikTok’s influence has the power to shift current style trends yet again.

We all know that TikTok can massively affect mainstream trends. The app shapes clothing styles and accessories; users always look for the newest craze. It’s even starting to influence room decor as Gen Z is currently obsessed with the “cottagecore aesthetic.” TikTokers have begun to show off their love for macramé, which is a versatile and stylish decoration. Macramé, which was born in the 13th century, is a form of textile produced through different types of knots. Its origins stem from Arabic weavers who used hand looms to make ‘migramah,’ otherwise known as fringe. It’s crazy that it’s still trending today!

Macramé can be used to make bags and fabrics and wall hangers to display plants and pots. It can serve almost any decorative purpose one desires which prove its versatility. This art of knotting combines ancient and modern methods, creating a style that’s fitting for everyone. TikTokers showing off how they decorate their rooms with macramé has created a 3,200% increase for the word in Google’s search data! It’s incredible how a Gen Z-based app such as TikTok can drastically impact current trends.

Would you decorate your room with macramé? We personally love this “old” new trend, and yes, we know it’s not for everyone. Do you like the influence TikTok holds, or do you think the app is too powerful? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources:Pure Wow

Written by: Naia Mader, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor