📷 Image Credit: Forbes 👆
By: Emily Blotch

TL;DR We talked about it last week, and this week we are back with the continuation of the Facebook / TikTok rivalry. Now, Facebook is offering to compensate creators for their allegiance to their new Instagram feature, ‘Reels.’

Facebook might be stealing TikTok’s stars if all goes to their plan. In our article last week, we described the new feature coming to Instagram known as “Reels,” a TikTok look-a-like. The rumor milling about is that the parent company of Instagram, Facebook, is offering some of the stars on TikTok lucrative offers to lure them to Reels and asking them to exclusively post on Reels or post their content on Reels first before TikTok.

The creators are also allegedly being given NDAs, so we probably won’t get too much info from the creators themselves. It has been said that the users who agree to post exclusively on Reels will earn the biggest pay from Facebook compared to those who agree to post first on Reels.
The Reels feature on Instagram is said to be launching in early August, so for now, we will just sit back and wait to see who looks like they took the lucrative deal and how successful Instagram’s new feature will be.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor