Curated Brand Collabs

Curated Brand Collabs

Today’s retail landscape is congested, but brands on the forefront of their industries are finding ways to connect more deeply with youth culture in order to stand apart. Authentic collaboration can be an ideal solution; relevant brand collaborations both excite and engage consumers, as well as enhance your brand’s position within your specific niche of the market. We’ve been forging creative partnerships as part of our work in youth culture for over a decade, with brand genres ranging from health and beauty, fashion, and action sports, to technology and entertainment…and everything in between.

Co-Branded Product

Co-Branded Product

Develop a new product or collection that uniquely serves each audience and enhances both brands.

Media Campaigns

Media Campaigns

Create relevant branded content that shares the story of both brands and converges on shared values.

Special Projects

Special Projects

Cooperate on a project or event that creates a cool experience or possibility, and that allows audiences to re-imagine the brands involved.

Brand Collabs Are A Lucrative Strategy

Leading brands report 1.4 times higher profit margins as a result of product and marketing collaborations. Below are several collabs that inspire our team, and exemplify the art and science of relevant brand partnering.

Source: Hypebeast and American Express 2017 Business Collaboration Index
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Youth Culture Alignment Framework

A proven approach to product and marketing collaboration


The whole point of collaboration is that you give and take from each other and thats how you create things that are totally new.

Virgil Abloh
Off-White Designer

Source: GQ Magazine

What This Means For Your Brand

Marketing Dollars

Magnified Marketing Dollars

When brands collaborate, results are greater than the sum of the parts. Each brand’s investment is matched by another, which essentially doubles their dollar power and influence with audiences.

broader audience

Broader Audience Reach

Not only does each brand benefit from access to other brand’s following, but both brands are exposed to another hybrid audience that is reached by the allure of the new collaborative offering , as well as the magnified attention that such a unique collab can attract.

Creative bounty

A Creative Bounty

Brands who collab benefit from a whole new set of creative assets and triggers from the other brand, as well as sharing creative talent. This inspires imagination and perspective, bringing new ideas to the familiar, and innovation to both sides.

Make something new

Make Something New

With innovation comes revolution, and brands who collaborate have the unique opportunity to offer something new and one of a kind. Does your brand want to stay on the same path, or be a trailblazer?

Want to collaborate with like-minded brands and create something new?
Engage Youth Co. can help!

15 killer TikTok videos to better understand the mindset of Gen Z

Gen-Z users are tech-savvy and highly involved with their social media. Which is why they use TikTok to find entertainment, inspiration, and community. We can confidently say that TikTok is one of the most defining platforms that Gen Z identifies with. TikTok's aesthetic and unique video style makes the social site appealing. The platform is highly aligned with this generation's overall desire for more organic, personalized content. What started off as a Gen Z app now spans across Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and soon-to-be Gen Alpha (some Gen A are already on the app through their parents!) No other age group has popularized lingo, songs, or trends in pop culture like the youth of today. Here’s an easy guide explaining the slang behind some of TikTok’s most viral videos and trends.   First, let's start off with some lit visual trends. One thing the following trends have in common is that they capture the imagination. These trends do an awesome job at quite literally painting a picture! Starting strong we have the ‘Tell Me Without Telling Me’ trend. The #tellmewithouttellingme, trend lets creators fix almost anything in a fun way. Typically, the creator will say something like, “Tell me you're in college without telling me you're in college. I'll go first.” We love these videos because the trend is long-lasting and is relatable ‘af’ to every topic!   Here we’ll list out a few more similar trends. Are you into photography? The #WhatImeanwhenIsayI’mfrom, trend shows off your original (OG) roots through the simple use of pictures. This is an efficiency that Gen Z often prefers. We are also loving the #GoogleEarth, trend where we can zoom into beautiful landmarks. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two about geography as well! Ever feel like you’re the star of your own movie? Then the #MainCharacter, trend is for you. This trend on TikTok is a series of videos referencing cliche characters where you can show off their unique and hilarious personalities.   Everyone loves a fit check. Be sure to check out the #OutfitoftheDay, (OOTD) trend to show off your style. We are obsessed with the #Don’tbesurprisedifonedayIjust, trend as it shows off Gen Z’s crazy imagination about living out their dream lives. Who doesn’t want to quit their job and travel the world? There are too many trends to count! More include the #3Dphoto, trend the #AdultSwim, short art film trend and the #shapeshiftlookaliketoacelebrity, trend. These all have incredible potential for the “I’m dead” type of laughs!   Any iconic Tik Tok sound can perk up Gen Z’s ear. Next on the list is audio-based trends! The #Sheeeshhh, trend sound can be used for almost anything. Gen Z typically uses it to show off themselves or their partner; we love confident kings and queens! Do your prefer using DM’s over texting? Turning your #InstaDMs, into inspirational quotes and reading them pokes fun at some of the crazy messages on the internet. It does indeed ‘go down in the DM’s!’ We are living for the trend of #lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well.’ Who doesn’t love a good TS bop? Next in line is the #Iwasbusythinkingbout, trend. Tik Tokers lipsync those words and follow it up with something random they’ve been thinking about. This can get pretty creative. The most recent #MaterialGirl, trend is a perfect example of how something so simple can create hilarious content. Creators just use this catchy, one-line sound and put a video where they feel like an absolute boss.   Tik Tok has more trends that fall into just visual or audio-based categories. There are endless types of videos users can create! For example, recreating chef Emily Mariko’s #salmonricebowl, has been all the buzz recently. We are absolutely living for it! Users also reenact her facial expressions as she takes a bite of her creations. Eating yummy food is a trend we can definitely get behind! Gen X’er Carla Rockmore also defies typical trends. At 54 years old Carla is killing the style game. She became popular because of her trend to bizarrely mix and match clothing pieces. Millennial Emily and Gen X’er Carla just goes to show how popular different generations can be on this app. While it’s clear that Gen Z owns Tik Tok trends, Gen X and Millenials have hopped on the bandwagon. The app is even more special because these generations are bringing their own style of humor, insight, and creativity. At Engage Youth Co. our job is to keep you posted with the latest trends and we hope we did just that. TikTok is the gateway to Gen Z’s mind. If you want a peek inside their humor, just open the app!   Sources: Written by: Naia Mader EYC Intern Edited by: Lisa Knight Source: The Bark Blog

Gen Z Frequency Video Series 01: Influencer Relationship Building with Zachery Ryan

Engage Youth Co. CSO, Gregg L. Witt talks about influencer “relationship building” at the Gen Z Social Summit with YouTuber and TikToker Zachery Ryan Brands that develop authentic partnerships with these talented individuals are able to leverage the valuable, and often longstanding relationships that the creators have built over time. One of the most overlooked influencer relationship-building tips probably won’t surprise you, but if implemented right will help you build your network and gain a competitive advantage.

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