📷 Image Credit: Bloomberg 👆
By: Lucas Shaw

TL;DR The animated series, Cocomelon on YouTube is the MOST viewed channel…IN THE WORLD!

Cocomelon might be the next Peppa Pig. Cocomelon has become the most viewed YouTube channel in the world. The animated video series gets more than 3.5 billion views monthly, yes, billion! To put that number into perspective, Cocomelon is more popular on YouTube than Taylor Swift, Netflix, and ESPN combined.

The creator, Jay Jeon makes millions of dollars from the YouTube video series. He recognized his potential to make even more by venturing into toy making and live events and is even thinking about creating a theme park ride, following suit like the brand Peppa Pig.

It can be challenging for YouTube creators to make their mark outside the platform, but Rechtman just purchased Cocomelon and is hoping to be one of the few that make the transition successfully. To turn these YouTube hit series into billion-dollar industries, Rechtman is planning on getting licensing with music and merchandising for the shows and their characters. Rechtman thinks that Cocomelon has the potential to become the biggest property in the world for kids.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor