📷 Image Credit: ChainStorage 👆
By: Dan Berthiaume

TL;DR BigCommerce partnering with several brands can now turn Insta posts into shoppable experiences with purchase capability on the app.

BigCommerce is now offering the Instagram Checkout feature for U.S. retailers who do business on its platform. This will allow BigCommerce to join Target and Sephora, amongst others who allow checkout via the app. By connecting their BigCommerce online storefronts to Instagram, retailers can compete with a shorter path to purchase rather than being redirected to the store’s own website for purchases.

Shoppers on Instagram will now see the “Checkout On Instagram” feature on the product page, allowing them to check out eight from the app. On top of that, all of their shipping updates and notifications will be available through the Instagram app, so everything is centralized on Instagram. Big win for influencers to connect products to their audience as they can now sell products for brands right on the app by tagging the product or through Instagram lives. The selling playing field is leveling out for businesses of all sizes to use the tools they need to access and serve their Insta customers.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor