Establishing trust is absolutely critical when building consumer relationships. The process, while it might not always be easy, doesn’t need to be complicated. Trust in youth culture comes down to a simple equation: Transparency + Authenticity + Action = Credibility. By avoiding pretense or deceit and being true to core beliefs, young people will be more likely to trust in your promise, reliability, and the strength of your company.

Trust: prove it.

Create content that helps give young people reasons to believe that your brand will deliver what it claims. That it’s reliable, has ethical business practices and that an association will be beneficial to Gen Z by exposing ‘how it’s made’, ‘demonstrations of…’ – it’s about showing, not telling.

  1. Why should consumers within the youth culture trust your brand?
  2. How do you reinforce your relationship with people who engage in your brand?
  3. Are you transparent about your business practices?
  4. Does Gen Z view you as an ally or an authority? Do you even know?