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By: Caitlyn Holroyd

TL;DR Fans will likely have to settle for watching Basketball from home this season, not court-side. NBA star, Thybulle is creating a fan experience to try and keep viewership and engagement high at home by making videos on YouTube, giving the fans a glimpse into the life of an NBA player during Covid-19.

The Philadelphia 79’ers rookie guard Matisse Thybulle is giving fans an opportunity to see life in the NBA with his video diary series on YouTube. His series, “Welcome to the Bubble,” launched on July 11th. His YouTube series is trending, with more than 500,000 views each. Thybulle is a one-man show, filming, talking, and editing videos. The young athlete had an idea with the basketball season coming up, there could be some real interest in a series like his, and he’s not wrong!

Thybulle admitted he was worried about keeping it entertaining enough to show fans what life is like in the NBA, which fuels his creativity for the series. In his latest video, Thybulle facetime, his Dad gives a tour of the player’s lounge and then shows how the players in the bubble are required to take their temperature every day. The videos are fun, entertaining, and insightful for NBA fans. He’s even getting praise from teammate Ben Simmions, showing integrity for the sport and time. It is an iconic period for sports right now with so many changes due to a global pandemic; many people are appreciative of him giving insight into a historic moment in sports history.


Written by: Sofia Christensen, Intern

Edited by: Lisa Knight, COO & Mentor